Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Walt Disney World

We wanted to take Avery to Disney World during the off season before she starts school, so this year had to be it. We first talked about going in January or February 2011 since Karter would be going along and we thought it would be easier the closer to one he was. Then we thought that it would be good to go during the Christmas season to see all the added extras they have. This past June we made the decision and booked our trip for December 2010. Now that we are back I think we made the best decision. Although the weather was unseasonably cold, lows in the 30's and never got out of the 50's, Karter was a trooper hanging out in the Baby Bjorn and we didn't have to rent an extra stroller for Avery because being it was cold she didn't poop out on us and if she needed a ride she would get into Karter's stroller.

Now for a post for each of our days.......