Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Weekend

I can't believe March is almost over, where does the time go? Well, we stay busy for the most part, so I guess that is why it goes by a little faster than we would like. On Saturday Avery enjoyed the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. It was quite cold, but it didn't seem to bother her. After the hunt, she rode a pony and went to the petting zoo. She could have written a camel, but she told me it was too high to ride.

After the Easter Egg hunt we headed to Brenham to spend some time with Meme and Papa. Avery, Meme and I walked around downtown looking at the decorated Easter Eggs, there were some really cute ones.

Today Avery took pictures in the Bluebonnets. She had some professional pictures taken which I can't wait to see and I snapped a few of my own.

Hope everyone was able to do something outside this weekend as the weather was great!!! It won't be long and it will be 90 degrees.