Saturday, August 15, 2009


The girls, mom, Ali, Avery and I, went on our annual trip, this year we went to Galveston. On our way to Galveston we stopped at Kemah so Avery could ride some rides and we ate lunch there before heading to Galveston. Avery has never been to the beach, so we decided to go Monday around 6 when it wasn't so hot. She is not much of a beach person; she played in the sand, but didn't really like the water.

On Tuesday we went to Moody Gardens. We started off by going to a 3D IMAX show about Whales and Dolphins. Avery wasn't really interested in wearing the glasses, but she sat pretty still for the show. We then headed to the Rainforest Pyramid, Aquarium Pyramid and also the Discovery Pyramid. We then rode on the Colonel Paddlewheel boat and then headed to the waterpark, Palm Beach. It was a very full day of fun.

On Wednesday we rented the 4 seater bicycle and paddled down the seawall a little ways. That thing is work. We had the bike for an hour and a half, but returned it within 45 minutes. Next time we try that I think we need at least one guy or cooler weather. We then rode the ferry and then went to the Strand for lunch and ice cream before heading back home. We had a really good time and how it is time to start thinking about where we want to go next year.

Warning... Picture Overload

Riding rides at Kemha
The train
The Ferries Wheel -- we must have somewhat
of a dare devil on our hands
The Carousel
Playing in the water fountains at Kemah
The beach
Playing in the sand at the beach
Don't we look cute in our 3D glasses?
The Rainforest Pyramid
The Colonel Paddlewheel Boat
Playing in the water at Palm Beach
This is the kind of water Avery likes playing in
The bicycle adventure
The ferry
Enjoying ice cream before heading back home

Monday, August 3, 2009

Music Class

The past 2 summers we have enrolled Avery into a Kindermusik class and she has really enjoyed going. These are a few pictures from her class.

The Circus - Take Two

We took Avery to the circus last year and it was a disaster. We didn't realize she had a fear of clowns until she saw one really close up. I know I said we wouldn't attempt to take her again until she was 5. The circus was in town a few weeks ago and some kids in Avery's class were talking about it. Every day she would come home and say she wanted to go to the circus. Well, I got some tickets so her and I went, however this time I bought tickets that were closer to the back and we didn't walk on the floor for the pre-show. We watched the pre-show from our seats. She enjoyed the show and as soon as we left she was asking when she can go back.

Elephant teeth
Posing with the elephant's good side
Miniture horses Enjoying her snowcone


Avery has been begging for an umbrella, not sure why since it doesn't seem to rain here that often. Well, we got her an umbrella and she had a chance to try it out in the sprinkler.

Avery's First Pet

Avery had a habit of coming into our bed in the middle of the night to sleep with us. To break this habit we told her if she slept in her bed all night for 7 nights she could get a surprise. The surprise she wanted was candy, wow that request would be easy to fulfill. Well, after sleeping in her bed all night long for 7 nights she got some fish. This was the easiest surprise we could think of that was not too high maintenance. We have had the 4 fish and 1 frog for about a month and so far so good. And she continues to sleep in her bed.